Front End Engineering Design (concept design stage)

Implies the collection of information necessary for the project and conceptual design formulation (CD) which we can formulate together in order to create the key concept of the building (or complex building) for the investment attractiveness of the possibility of the construction or reconstruction of the site.

The approximate content of the stage:

  • required equipment selection (brands and completing units);
  • description of pipe lying methods;
  • project scope under sections according to the regulatory documentation;
  • the list of regulatory documentation of technical and economical indexes for further project development;
  • terms of the project performance (order of stage priorities);
  • consideration of the factors having an impact on the design process .


The project development is accomplished according to the government regulations, rules and standards and at this stage we send intermediate data for your consideration for us to be able to meet your expectations and demands. We confirm the terms and conditions by records signed by those responsible for the project (chief engineer of the project, chief architect of the project, project manager).

The content:

  • drafts (characteristics calculation);
  • equipment, product and materials specification;
  • estimate documentation.


Depending on the complexity of the site the project is required to be approved by the State Expertise (and please, do note that it is where our team has a considerable experience with more than seventy projects which received favourable conclusions from the authorities), by the investor (customer), by the management of urban development and architecture (which issues a permission for the territory use), by the organization responsible for the issuance of technical conditions for the connection of utilities necessary for the building and constructions functioning.


Final stage (completion)

  • mutual settlements;
  • providing the Customer with input;
  • the signing of the contract between the Customer and the contractor (or installers);
  • providing support if any contentious cases arise from construction workers.

Design costs are based on:

  • overall dimensions of the site;
  • complexity of engineering demands of the site;
  • list of project documenation;
  • the phasing of the project documentation;
  • terms of designing .

To be provided with accurate pricing and terms, please, send an email request for the project proposal or let’s do it together! Please, feel free to call or text use – our contact details.

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